I'm a drunk spelling Bee Champion



A is for Alcohol   

Woah....that's my hand. Look at those lines. I see the letter A. Wow. Who would have thought I'd have the letter A on my hand? Hic!


B is for Buzzed 

Wow. Look at those elephants. Feels like a circus around here. Hic! It's the letter B. Wow. Two elephants giving me a cheerleader performance and pose as the letter B? Cool! Hic!


C is for circling around

Looking up I can't help but notice the sky. Is there a fairy on the moon? And wow! I never noticed that the moon looks like the letter C! Hic!


D is Damn I'm hungry now!

Damn I am hungry! I went into the kitchen and was about to cook a meal. This spoon..hic! Looks like the letter D!


Everything is spinning!

Wow! Hic! Everything is spinning! Here's the bottle of wine I drank that started it all! I see the letter E!


Feel'in Tipsy

I'm feeling so tipsy. Wow Look at the letter F. I found it on this painting!


G is for Gotta go to the bathroom now!

Oh man! I drank wayyy too much. I have to take a piss. Wow. That Panda looks like the letter G!


H is for How about gaming?

That was a good flush but I am still very drunk. Maybe I should try to play some games. That could help distract me. Oh! The controllers look like the letter H!


I need some light

This candle would really be nice right now if I can light it. It is quite dangerous to play with fire while drunk though.


J is for Jumping for joy

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more wordy I see the letter j!


K is for Keeping it up

Hic! There is our K!


Loving these Leaves

Hic! It's the letter L!


M is for Matching Mates

Look at those two flamingos judging me! Hic! Their wobbly legs look like the letter M!


Nothin' but blocks

Being so drunk I feel like my head has hit a block because I'm seeing the letter N right now.


O is for Oh my gosh I look terrible!

Hic! Staring at myself in the mirror I just realized that the letter O is right infront of me!


P is for Please help me!

"Please help me!" I cry to the painting of flamingos. I am too drunk right now


Q is for Quite drunk still

I need to stop being so tipsy. I know it seems annoying now but this is how everyone feels when their friend is drunk. There's the letter Q!


R is for things will be Right soon.

Right now I can feel the drink slipping away. I still am seeing letters everywhere though. R is right infront of me!


S is for Seeing some more letters

Wow! The Letter S just slizzered their way in!!


T is for Time to put this to an to this!

Time to put an end to this nonsense! I will not see letters! Even though these pens look like the letter T!


U is Up to no good!

I spy the letter U on this lady's chin! HIC!


V is for Very soon this will be over!

Woah....Very interesting! The letter V came to me in the form of a chip bag clip!


W is for Wow it's almost over!

Hic! I can't believe I spy the letter W in this painting!


X is for Xtremely tiring

I spy X in these chair legs! Hic!


Y is for You are almost sober!

Yahoo! I feel like I am sobering up. I spy the letter Y!


Z is for ZZzzzzzz.

Z is for zleeping.....I am super tiered after being drunk and seeing the alphabet in everything.

Let's sober up!